1-800-Sunshine teledotcom for sale

(free & clear, yours to own, no strings attached)

Own your own Teledotcom free and clear with no strings attached that includes the phone number (1-800-Sunshine or (800) 786-7446) and the two domains (1-800-Sunshine.com and 1800Sunshine.com).

  • Increases advertising response rates by 25% to 50% with an associated increase in quality of leads
  • Documented prices for past sales of toll-free numbers: $7M for 1-800-Flowers, $25K per month for 1-800-Champion
  • All three 1-800-Sunshine intellectual properties (a teledotcom) for one low price
  • Give your company an injection and boost your business. You don’t want your competition to get the edge, so please give me a call, 1-800-Sunshine –Tony